Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Mountain Home, Idaho

Words I never thought I'd hear Blake say, "I'm so happy to be sleeping in a car again."

Only 8 more hours until Portland! Should be there tomorrow afternoon/evening.

Goodbye, Colorado!

Fuck it. We're sick of waiting on insurance. We got a rental car and we're getting back on the road. Whenever the car is fixed we'll come back and get it.

PS- It's getting fixed. We found out from the body shop (as we were ready to get everything out of the car in case it was totaled) right after the insurance people refused to tell us.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Small Talk

Every morning at breakfast (or when I got my hair cut or while standing in the check out line or where ever) people start talking to me. Of course, without fail, at some point they talk about their kids or grandkids and ask me how many kids I have or how old my kids are. Always. I've tried to answer this in different ways, but all seem equally shitty.

If I just do a blanket "I don't have kids" people assume I don't want them and tell me how lucky I am and usually continue to complain about their own.

If I tell them I am unable to have kids I get the awesome pitty face, an awkward apology, and the quick end to all future interaction. Maybe the best, but it still stings and makes me a bit sad even when I thought I was fine.

I tried telling the couple that talked to me this morning that I was hoping to one day, which was true to an extent ( just not likely to be possible) but still felt like a lie. But I couldn't handle being told how lucky I was or being pittied. That got me well intended, but still annoying, comments about how great kids are and how I better not put it off too long and a story about this girls friend that waited until she was 30 (oh the horror) to try to get pregnant only to find out she was infertile because she waited too long (I'm guessing this girl doesn't know what she's talking about now) and that poor girl is a mess and living with her mom because her husband left her? No idea. Long story short, I better have a baby soon or my life will fall apart and my friends will tell awful stories about how sad my life is because I can't/don't have kids. Noted.

Somehow that was even worse than the pitty. I don't even know what to do. I don't want to just be an asshole all the time, but I can't stand that small talk inevitably goes to kids every time. Why does no one talk to me about the weather?! I'm about to just give up and start telling them all to fuck off.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Rifle, CO

Fuck Colorado. It's like fucking Hotel California out here. Just let me leave for fucks sake!

P.S. We hit a deer and are stuck here for at least a week.

Sunday, May 11, 2014


I need to get out of here!

This higher elevation is miserable. As much as I pass out at only 200m above sea level 2,800m is making me feel like death. My heart is not happy.

I foolishly thought that getting in a hot tub would make my back hurt less (I fell and hit it on a chair) even though I've never been a huge fan of hot tubs. Well, now I remember why! Way to make things worse, Elann.

And the worst of it is that I don't have my walker or chair so I can't even pretend to be responsible and protect myself. I hate feeling trapped like this. There is so much to see and I'm afraid to get out of bed. Fuck this.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Still Frisco

Well, they got a chance to look at it. Apparently the tie rod end broke and caused the car to hit the barrier that then punctured the tire. The parts had to be delivered from Denver, but were going to be there early enough that it would be fixed that day.

Then when they got things apart to start repairs they saw that the lower control arm and ball joint were also fucked. Not completely, but enough that driving was out of the question. Awesome. They could fix that, too. However, they would need to have those parts also delivered from Denver and they wouldn't get them until Monday.

Fucking awesome.

But we found a not too shitty hotel for less than $100/night and free wifi. So I guess we'll make the best of it.

Plus, Blake is getting to take some nice pictures.

Oh, and silver lining, AAA might reimburse a portion!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Frisco, CO

Well, so much for driving late tonight. We got to Denver at sunset and since the weather was nice we decided to keep going. We went in to the Eisenhower tunnel and the roads were fine, we get out and the road has 3" of ice and snow.

It was snowing so much we could barely see the road. Fucking awesome. So we're creeping along at like 15 mph and slide in to the cement barrier. Only the tire hit, so at least there was no body damage, but the tie rod broke.

So we've been towed to Frisco, CO. Of course it happened at like 11p and everything is closed. So we're hanging out in a hotel until the repair shop opens. 

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Augusta Kansas

It's been a bit. Sorry. We stayed in New Orleans from Saturday to Monday. That was a lot of fun but it was so fucking sunny and hot. I got really bad heat rash and had a headache that wouldn't go away. Then we went to a beach and made some sand castles. That was fun, but I just kept feeling worse.

After we left LA we headed toward TX. It was still really hot, obviously, and Tuesday night i got really sick. I let Blake drive all day Wednesday as I slept and puked in the back seat. We got a hotel in some little town in KS. Blake really wanted a pool since the place we stayed in LA had their pool closed, so I
called half about a dozen places and this was the first place to actually have an open pool.

We're heading to Denver, CO then toward UT. No real reason just trying to get out of this upper 90's and sunny kind of weather for a few hours.

We're looking for a game shop close to wherever we'll be Friday (some place in UT) to stop and play FNM draft. So hopefully that works out.

Friday, May 2, 2014


We spent the evening at Beale Street in Memphis. It was fun. For dinner we had Lambert's. It was pretty awesome, too.

We messed with time lapsing some of the drive. But since I can't add that on mobile you'll have to wait. We didn't do too much driving today, more seeing random things and just relaxing.

We'll be in New Orleans most of the weekend, so I'm really looking forward to that.

Gateway Arch

Gateway to the west. How fitting.

Also a fire breathing dragon that was a huge let down.