Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Meds can suck it.

I've been on my current meds for a couple months now and I hate it. I have to try way too hard to have any sort of emotion. I just want to lay around and stare at walls. I don't even feel like reading much anymore, which is a huge problem since that's 90% of what I do during the days. I hate it. So I do apologize for not updating more often, but there's not much to say. Things are boring and I don't get out. Though I did take the bus for the first time today. So at least I've got that accomplished.

I don't have to see the asshole psychiatrist anymore after my case worker sat in on one of our appointments and saw how much of a dick he was. So I have a new one I'm going to start seeing next Friday. Hopefully it goes well.