Monday, November 3, 2014

It's been a while.

So I finally saw the new psychiatrist and he adjusted my meds some and I think it's helping. My new cardiologist is super adamant about me not driving EVER or threats of calling the DMV to revoke my license. Which isn't really a huge deal since I almost never drive, but it scares me. That's the reason I stopped seeing cardiologists years ago.

Anyways, she scheduled me for a tilt table test (my least favorite test ever), another 4 week event monitor, an ECG, and a treadmill test. So that should be fun or something. After paying more attention I'm skeptical if I even need all that done. I don't pass out hardly at all anymore. Though I also do almost nothing so I don't really have any risks.

I managed to get off my ass and go for a walk finally. The haldol makes me so lazy. I still managed to walk the standard 2 mile block that I had been walking, so that's good. I've gained like 10-15 lbs in the last few weeks and it needs to stop NOW. I already need to lose a good 75 lbs, I don't need to make that any harder.

I need more recipe ideas. I feel like I'm probably not eating enough veggies, but food just doesn't sound good lately. I don't know. I'll work on it.