Saturday, December 13, 2014

The Grand Canyon

We went to the Grand Canyon! It was pretty awesome. Not seeing a big hole, but the trip itself was great. I got to visit with a good friend that I've been dying to meet for a long time and that alone was worth the drive. I had so much fun.

On the way down there was a semi fire that closed the interstate for several hours, so we decided to try to avoid it. Well, we were in the desert in Arizona and our only options for roads were crazy desert, nothing but sand and dirt, roads. So we figured what the hell! This is the first road we went down. It looks more like a road than the rest, but we were too distracted trying not to get stuck to think about taking pictures. Sad day.

We were driving around for about an hour on those roads before we made it back to the interstate. It was one of the best parts of the trip. We laughed so much at how screwed we would be if the car broke down. Or if one of the many large rocks/holes/bushes that we drove over was going to be the one that killed the car. It was great. But, we did eventually make it back to real road and on our way.

We took a few pictures of the canyon itself but because of the shadow they didn't really turn out all that great. Here are a few.

On the way home I started feeling pretty ill. All the up and down of the mountains was enough to make my heart freak out and my blood pressure stayed pretty low for most of the trip home. It was pretty miserable, but we made it. We ended up adding an extra day to the trip so we could just rest in a hotel for a day, so that helped a lot.

Now we're home for a bit longer before we go to Indiana for the holidays, which I'm surprisingly kind of excited about! Though still terrified of flying again, especially after feeling so bad from just the car ride. But I'm excited to see our best friends daughters. I hate that they're so far away now and I never get to see them. I miss them so much more than I ever thought I would. But I'm still holding out hope that they'll move out the the west coast so I'll be able to visit them again.