Saturday, December 5, 2015

You're So Strong!

**Angry rant incoming.**

You know what? Fuck you. It's not like I had much of a choice. You might as well tell me "you've been through a lot of really terrible shit, I'm so happy for you!"

How is this a compliment? Why is it so common to hear? No one is strong because their life has been uneventful or happy or carefree. They're strong because it was the only way to survive. They're strong because they have to be. They're strong because the option of being weak or passive was ripped away from them. They lost that option. It wasn't a choice they made.

It makes me so angry when people go around telling someone going through cancer treatment or recovering from a terrible tragedy that they're so strong and how it's a good thing. Like it somehow makes what they're going through okay because they can totally handle it. Or that it makes it easier for them because they have already been through so much to make them strong that whatever they're going through now must not be as hard for them as it would be otherwise. But that's even more bullshit. Of course it's difficult for them! And they shouldn't have to feel like they're somehow letting people down by falling apart because people build up this idea that they have to be so damn strong. (more on that HERE)

To all the strong people out there, I'm sorry you have to be so strong. I'm sorry you've ever had to be strong. I'm sorry for whatever made you strong in the first place.